Financing solutions for the Shipping Industry
About Us
We are a team of international Shipping Financiers with Global coverage. Together, we have decades of experience with leading shipping financing banks. Through our strong network of relationships, we will help you achieve your capital raising and strategic goals.

Our expertise at delivering Shipping finance solutions continues to exceed the needs of our customers by virtue of our industry knowledge, tailor-made products and services. Since we focus only on Shipping Finance, you will enjoy the benefits of the most trouble free and fast process available today.

We help Shipping Companies with the following aspects of their capital raising efforts.

  • Identify financiers that would be interested in a particular financing based on the characteristics of the transaction.
  • Develop “financier friendly” structures so that companies are able to obtain the best possible terms.
  • Advise on raising competitive export credit financing.
  • Arrange bareboat charters with purchase options.
  • Provide comprehensive loan and lease restructuring advice.