Financing solutions for the Shipping Industry
We offer a range of services to both Shipping Companies and Financial Institutions
Advisory for ship owners
Turnaround & Restructuring
We bring a deep understanding of shipping industry economics and the geographical complexities involved. Our experts help companies overcome urgent situations so that they can turnaround their businesses. We work together with senior management to improve liquidity management, reorient strategy and to manage conflicting priorities.

Mergers & Acquisitions
Our team has exceptional experience with cross border mergers, acquisitions and divestitures. Valuations and fairness opinions can also be provided.

Capital Structure
We help ship owners identify risk factors in their capital structure and recommend strategies to mitigate these risks. We also help companies in diversifying their sources of capital, reducing the overall cost of finance and freeing up cash to grow.

Advisory for financial institutions
Structuring loans
Shipping Finance is a notoriously risky business. Our team has decades of experience in providing finance to International Shipping companies. We draw upon this experience to help financial institutions structure and execute transactions so that the risks are mitigated.

Syndications & loan trading
We help institutions free up capital to do more business through syndications or by selling loans in the secondary market.